My Story

My passion to help others achieve truly exceptional health was born out of my own battles with chronic tiredness, weight fluctuation and frequent visits to the Doctor. I know first hand how difficult it was to make the lifestyle changes that would have made all the difference. The solution only came when I gave my body what it needed on three levels: Mindset, Nutrition and Movement. I want to make your journey towards better health as simple as possible by giving you the support I never had. Applying more than 10 years of experience working as a Psychologist in 3 countries, I have the tools to help you change for good!

My Vision

My purpose to help people who want to change, find the key to their ‘well’ of motivation.

My mission is to create and nurture a community of like-minded, highly motivated, high performing professionals holding themselves and each other accountable for the change they want to create in the world.

My approach is aligned with my values:

  • Never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do
  • Micro speed, Macro Patience
  • Regularly demonstrate results
  • Constructively challenge suboptimal behaviour
  • Streamline processes wherever possible


My How

I have designed a unique program that combines a tried and tested approach to Hardwiring a Healthier Lifestyle; underpinned by extensive research and proven to work no matter what your existing level of health or well-being. I start each client intervention from a place of knowing, assessing your motivation to change, unique nutritional requirements and current stress levels. You can expect to see results quickly. My approach is designed to fit in with your existing high work demands, make you more resilient to the stresses of everyday life and give you back more energy to enjoy life.

My Clients

It was once said ‘if you want something done right ask a busy person.’ I believe that this is truer now more than ever. My clients are typically stressed as a result of running successful businesses or being promoted into senior positions. This inevitably takes its toll on health and well-being. If this sounds like you and you are ready to accept help to make a profound improvement in your health and well-being I would love to talk with you.

Next steps

I am fired up about helping you make positive lifestyle changes and achieving a healthy weight, more energy and increased mental clarity. If I am speaking your language then please apply below for a free Breakthrough Call HERE and let’s discuss how I can help you overcome your barriers to looking and feeling amazing.